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Each model is UNIQUE,

handmade in a single copy.

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Robes tango
atelier robes tango
Iryna Revkouts Atelier Robes Tango

"The passion for dance is released with the outfit that expresses you"

The IRYNA Créations artisanal sewing workshop presents an exclusive collection of tango dresses, skirts, pants, which will express your elegance and magnify your moving figure. Each garment is a unique creation, made from stretch fabrics for the ultimate dancing comfort.


About the workshop

They dance with us

Robes tango

Marie-Elodie Vattoux & Mauricio Borgarello,

the maestros

Dress Feona, Iryna Créations

Robes tango

Angela Quacquarella & Mauro Rossi,

the maestros

Dress Nuncia, Iryna Créations

Robes tango
robes tango

Designer Iryna Revkouts

& Maestro Isabelle Yniesta

Dress Amalia (on Isabelle), Iryna Créations

Robes tango

Sofia Saborido & Pablo Inza, the maestros

Dress Federica, Iryna Créations

Sigrid Van Tilbeurgh & Murat Erdemsel II,

the maestros

Dress Arcadia, Iryna Créations

Sigrid Van Tilbeurgh & Murat Erdemsel II,

the maestros

Dress Leona, Iryna Créations


Sigrid Van Tilbeurgh

Thank you Iryna for your creations. The dresses you made for me are not only beautiful but above all designed for tango movements. A pleasure to wear them in demo or in the evening. See you soon for future creations.

18 DEC 2019

WhatsApp Image 2020-09-27 at

25 FEV 2020

Carine Vincent

Iryna you have fairy fingers! I love my new pants. What a joy to have been able to choose the fabrics and to have pants and a skirt so well adapted to my morphology. Thank you again for your precious advice and your sublime creations. can't wait to hear from you!

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